Manage Residential Lettings

Stay in control of tenants, landlords and properties. Easily track rent, charges and maintenance.

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Organise Landlords and Tenants

Easily store and find contact details, files and notes for all your landlords, tenants, suppliers and anyone else you deal with day-to-day in your busy lettings business. Quickly locate any record from anywhere in the system using Origin's quick-search feature.

Tenancy Management

Simply set up your tenancies or leases and Origin will automatically apply rent and any associated fees each rental period. When tenancies end or roll over, or if benefit payments change, a couple of clicks will keep everything running smoothly and rent balances right up to date. Full support for guaranteed rent schemes.

Automatic Rent Calculation

You don't have to calculate pro-rated rent for partial rental periods or remember to apply management fees. Tell Elevate what way your agency operates, whether that is based on a percentage of rent collected or a flat fee per period, and it will apply the relevant one-off or recurring charges at the appropriate time.

Security Deposits

Fulfil your duties to both landlords and tenants by collecting and lodging security deposits in the relevant tenancy protection scheme.

Maintenance Trouble Tickets

Effortlessly manage maintenance jobs from the moment the issue is raised until it has been completed. Origin enables you to collect the cost of the job and settle the supplier invoice, as well as helping you leverage additional revenue with commission fees.

Alerts and Reminders

Never lose sight of important events or forget critical tasks while managing tenancies or rental properties. Origin will automatically remind you of activities which require your attention day by day. Key dates such expiring tenancies, viewings and certifiate renewals will be alerted to you as soon as they become relevant.

Guaranteed Rents

Full support for rent guarantee schemes, an increasingly popular alternative to traditional management fee structures.

HMOs and Student Lets

Create tenancies with multiple named tenants, or multiple tenancies within the same property, common for students.

Housing Benefits

Manage housing benefit and Universal Credit rent supplement payments from local authorities.

Generate ASTs

Save valuable time by automatically creating pre-filled tenancy agreement AST documents when moving new in tenants.

Tenant Referencing

Conduct credit and right-to-rent checks quickly and seamlessly to check the viability of prospective tenants.

Management Fees

When collecting rent for landlords, Origin supports a range of fee models, including percentage and flat-fee options.


Leverage the power of relevant external services to enhance your property letting processes.


Minimise voids. Match available properties with prospects. Automatic feeds to portals and websites.